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My current and recent portfolio
You are here: My current and recent portfolio
DKT International (Nov. 2011 to present)
1. Provides strategic communications guidance to DKT headquarters and provided assistance to programs in Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Ethiopia.
2. Co-authored an article, "Ethiopia: An Emerging Family Planning Success Story," published in the December 2013 issue of Studies in Family Planning.
3. Wrote a white paper on innovative financing
4. Wrote a white paper on social franchising
5. Wrote and developed the 2012 Annual Report and the 2013 Annual Report and the 2014 Annual Report and the 2015 Annual Report
6. Wrote the following blogs:
- About DKT's sexy new TV spots promoting IUDs which is changing the paradigm of how contraception can be marketed in Indonesia on FHI Crowd 360.
- On the social marketing legacy of Phil Harvey, founder of both PSI and DKT in The Huffington Post.
- About how social marketing now contributes 20% of all the couple years of protection in the world (save China) on The Huffington Post.
- On Janani's efforts to reach poor women with contraception in northern India on Impatient Optimists.
- On the top 10 contraceptive social marketing programs in the world at Knowledge for Health Blog.
- On DKT Brazil's evolution from a charity to a social enterprise in Devex Impact.
- On how social marketing organizations are poised to make big contributions to the global family planning goal in Devex.com
- On how DKT Brazil, the biggest social marketing program in Latin America, expanded its condom portfolio to achieve success on The Huffington Post
- On how DKT Brazil evolved from a charity to a social enterprise at Global Health TV
- On the emerging family planning success story in Ethiopia at Impatient Optimists
- On the increasing trend of operational NGOs like DKT to use advocacy to increase their health impact at CSIS Smart Global Health
- On using GPS technology to improve health in Ethiopia on the The Huffington Post
- On an unusual campaign against HIV in South Africa on the Knowledge4Health Blog
- In Brazil, on The Huffington Post on DKT's creative marketing tactics and another on The ONE Blog on using Carnaval to fight HIV.
- On DKT's use of eroticism to promote safer sex on a Fast Company blog
- On DKT Ethiopia's use of digital technology to reach university students on the ONE Campaign blog.
- On DKT's innovative financing efforts on Impatient Optimists
- On a DKT program in Ethiopia that empowers sex workers on The Huffington Post
- On mHealth based on an event at the International Conference on Family Planning in Dakar on the blog of the Center for Health Market Innovations

Results for Development Institute (June 2013 to September 2014)
Acting as adviser to Think Tank Initiative to build the communications capacity of 13 think tanks in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, with special focus on peer learning component. Launched project in inception workshop in Ghana in July 2013.

Conceived and executed this peer learning session on measuring the impact of communications and wrote this blog about a webinar I organized on engaging more effectively with mass media and social media.

Results for Development Institute (Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2014)
1. Provided strategic communications counsel to R4D's Center for Health Market Innovations to promote work better with key business and online media, and wrote, developed and placed blogs on The Huffington Post and the PSI Impact Blog. and the Fast Company's Co.EXIST Blog.
2. Placed this piece "Harnessing the Hidden Workforce: Informal Providers in India and Elsewhere" in the Lancet Global Health Blog.
3. Secured mention of CHMI in the special report on malaria in the Financial Times.

IntraHealth (April 2012 to present)
- Covered IntraHealth "beat-making" session at International Conference on Family Planning in Ethiopia and wrote this blog about this effort to promote health through music.
- Wrote advance blog on IntraHealth's social innovation conference called SwitchPoint.
- Visited IntraHealth projects in Kenya and Ethiopia and wrote profiles and blogs of those projects.
- Wrote this blog and this one from the XIX International AIDS Conference.
- Visited program in Costa Rica and wrote this blog about the experience.
- Visited program in Ghana and wrote this blog about that experience and other IntraHealth programs I have visited.

American Cancer Society (Sept.-Oct. 2013, June-August 2014)
I worked with ACS advocacy grantees to research and write two booklets on ACS's "Meet the Targets" grants. Here's the most recent one.

The Futures Group (Jan. to June 2012)
I worked on a grant to the Futures Group to facilitate the development of a communications strategy to inform key audiences in Kenya about the 2010 changes in the Kenyan Constitution on reproductive health, including loosening the restrictions on safe abortion. To do this, I worked with the Kenya Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance, comprised of the Kenyan Medical Association, the Kenya Obstetrical Gynecologist Society, National Nurses Association of Kenya, the Women Lawyers of Kenya, Family Health Options Kenya (the IPPF affiliate) and Reproductive Health Services. This one-pager explains the changes and here's my take on the issue in The Huffington Post.
Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (Jan. to June 2012)
I was the 2012 U.S. G8 and G20 representative of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (World Health Organization). In May, the G8 was hosted by the U.S. at Camp David and the G20 by Mexico at Los Cabos. In this assignment, I leveraged my three years of experience in the G8 and G20 processes, to elevate reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) on the G8 and G20 agenda. Here is a G8 policy brief we wrote on RMNCH. At the G8, we were successful in getting a prominent section devoted to global health in the G8 Accountability Report. I was the co-founder and co-chair of the G8/G20 Communicators' Group and, to that end, was working in the International Media Centre of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico June 17-19. I wrote the following G8/G20 articles:

- For the G8 Camp David magazine on strengthening maternal, newborn and child health through the G8.
- For the Huffington Post on how G8 must not waver on food security and nutrition.
- For the G20 Los Cabos magazine on addressing global health through improved nutrition (see "Health").
- For the Huffington Post on what NGOs want from the Mexican G20 on food security and nutrition.
- For Impatient Optimists on what civil society can learn from business about engaging on the G20.
- For the PMNCH website, a blog co-authored with Kate Eardley of World Vision.
- For the Huffington Post on how Mexico vastly outperformed the U.S. in their management of the G20 and G8 (I wrote this one in my own capacity, not as a representative of PMNCH).

International HIV/AIDS Alliance (2012 to present)
- Visited and wrote about projects focused on men who have sex with men and injecting drug users in Kisumu and Nairobi, Kenya. Wrote this case study on the Alliance website and this blog for Global Health TV.
- Blogging and social media at 3rd International Conference on Family Planning in Ethiopia.
- Media outreach at the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington, wrote and placed this op-ed on the Congress Blog of TheHill.com and wrote this for the Huffington Post on HIV financing.
- Edited and helped write this report calling on the UK government to develop a blueprint to end AIDS.

Arogya World (2012)
- Wrote, edited and placed this blog series on non-communicable diseaes during the week marking the first anniversary of the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs for Arogya World, a NGO dedicated to fighting NCDs.
Global Health TV
I write a monthly blog on global health for Global Health TV.
I am a regular blogger for Impatient Optimists, the blog of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for the Huffington Post, and for Global Health TV,

writing mostly about global health and development.

I have also had short-term contracts in training, moderating, writing and blogging for AMREF USA, the Futures Group, PSI, Save the Children and Vestergaard-Frandsen.
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Rehearsing for Carnaval and promoting condoms in Brazil

DKT promoters handing out condoms in Sao Paulo

Two midwives in a low-income area of Jakarta, Indonesia

Reyna, a six-year-old girl in a little village in Nicaragua